RealRyder® Indoor Cycling: Building The Foundation

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Taking the time to learn and establish strong fundamentals is the key to success in any great business or program. RealRyder International's "Building the Foundation" Online Course is designed to help instructors learn the fundamentals to help ensure future RealRyder Cycle Program success.  This course is designed for group fitness instructors, personal trainers, boot camp instructors or any other fitness, wellness or movement professional that wants to ensure the best possible experience and measurable results for their clients/participants.  Our foundations course is perfect for newcomers to the fitness industry or seasoned vets. The RealRyder Team brings over a decade of knowledge and teaching experience leading RealRyder Cycling Trainings all over the world.  This course takes the very best of what we have learned and boils it down into a simple, actionable and time-efficient digital course that you can participate in at home, around your schedule and put into action the very next day. 

This course covers:

  • How to achieve optimal bike set-up quickly and effectively
  • Proper riding position and technique 
  • The true meaning of intensity and how to coach it
  • Class planning made easy
  • Using a bike that moves to tell a story and provide a riding experience (not just a pedaling experience)
  • How to work with a number of different ability levels in a group cycling class or training session, and ensure that everyone achieves results

Learning Objectives

To provide the indoor cycling instructor or training coach with the practical information necessary to effectively teach and ride on the RealRyder® Cycle, as well as plan an effective, fun indoor cycling workout. **It is important for the learning process that course participants have access to a RealRyder Indoor Cycle to engage with as they complete this course.**

  • Develop instructor competence and confidence through a number of "hands on" practical drills and experiences. Learn to "Own the Ryde"!
  • The RealRyder Cycling planning process shows instructors how to quickly and efficiently develop rides that are fun, effective, safe and scientifically sound. Learn how to utilize all the tools in your toolbox to their fullest potential.
  • Maximize all the tools at your disposal such as music, cadence, intensity and story telling. We will not only dive into a better understanding of all these areas but most importantly, learn how great instructors use them in a class environment to create a memorable experience that brings people back again and again.
  • Separate fact from fiction: There are many different things we have come to accept in the group cycling world that are not ideal or safe. We explore these topics to help you identify the best practices that are scientifically-proven.

Course Content

Building the Foundation Chapter 1: The Answer to “Why” and “How”
Building the Foundation Chapter 2: Ryde Essentials
Building the Foundation Chapter 3: Ryde Ready Drill
Building the Foundation Chapter 4: Cadence vs Intensity
Building the Foundation Chapter 5: Class Planning
Building the Foundation Chapter 6: Class Ride Along
Building the Foundation Chapter 7: The Last Secret & Bike Maintenance
Building the Foundation Chapter 8: Preventative Maintenance & Thank You!
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RealRyder Indoor Cycling Profile Template
Building The Foundation Exam | Part 1
Building the Foundation Exam | Part 2